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In compliance with law 1314 of 2009, the Colombian state adopted a unique and homogeneous system of high quality, understandable and enforceable, accounting standards, financial information and information assurance. This is how we offer integral consultancy, which allows your company a convergence of quality adjusted to both the standard and the needs of the company.

  • Diagnostic
  • Assessment ESFA
  • Accounting Policy Evaluation
  • Implementation of changes by business areas
  • Analysis of Accounts Catalog
  • Tax conciliation vs accounting
  • Accounting organizational structure

Tax Planning and Consulting


It allows senior management to know the importance of the tax burden in decision making and is an adequate means to comply with the tax obligation.

  • Tax burden planning
  • Attention of special requirements
  • Tax audit
  • Special regime
  • Industry and commerce taxes
  • Dissolution and liquidation of Companies
  • Economic Restructuring Agreements Law 500/99 and 1116/06
  • Case study required in particular

Statutory Audit


It allows senior management to obtain control, surveillance and permanent evaluation so that operations are carried out efficiently, as well as reasonable security over their financial statements under international standards.

  • Financial audit
  • Management audit
  • Internal control audit
  • Information systems audit
  • Environmental audit and management
  • Certification and opinions.

Medical law consulting


It allows senior management to have elements to respond to medical, legal issues in order to minimize legal risks, proposing reasonable and innovative solutions.

  • External audit of human resources
  • Audit in quality of health
  • Contractual audit
  • Bad practices
  • Tutelage
  • Fault appeals
  • Hiring of liquidation of health professionals
  • Complaints to ethical committee - doctor at the local or national level
  • Response demands in medical liability
  • Enabling healthcare services level I, II, III, IV
  • Training in quality of service and user service
  • Patient safety training
  • Occupational risk assessment
  • Financial analysis in health

Business Training


It is the short-term educational process in which people learn knowledge, skills and abilities based on defined objectives, understood as a training oriented to the tasks and operations that will be executed within your company.

The main objective of a training system is to prepare staff for the immediate execution of various tasks in the organization, provide opportunities for continuous personal development and change the attitude of people to create a more satisfactory work environment among employees , to increase their motivation and make them more receptive to supervision and management techniques.


Outsourcing Contable y Financiero


It allows management to visualize the company in a global and panoramic way, individually evaluating the areas to determine which require viable reordering actions for the company with a future projection that allows it to develop in the different economic-financial scenarios.

  • Gross profitability analysis
  • Operational profitability analysis
  • Existing financial burden analysis
  • Historical cash flow analysis
  • Competitiveness analysis
  • Analysis of the cash flow statement
  • Classification of financial statements under IFRS
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Indebtedness
  • Activity
  • Organizational structure
  • Legal elements
  • Income and expenditure budgets
  • Economic evaluation
  • Financial scheme

Advice and legal advice


We provide a service that allows organizations to make decisions, minimizing risks and optimizing opportunities, giving adequate compliance to contractual and legal obligations. Analyzing the documentary and personal information obtained from the company to identify its legal risks and propose effective solutions for the smooth running of its economic activity.

  • Study and analysis of companies from a legal perspective
  • Labor and social security advice and consultancy
  • Business consulting and consultancy
  • Attention of processes before the Contentious Administrative Jurisdiction in tributary matter

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